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puppy potty training


Caryl Wolff

is the *only*
dog trainer
in the world who is concurrently certified or endorsed by these organizations, having passed their examination requirements.


International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

IAABC certified dog behavior consultant


National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors


Certification Council for Professional
Dog Trainers

Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers


Association of
Animal Behavior Professionals

Association of Animal Behavior Professionals


American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Certified CGC Evaluator


Puppy Evaluator

akc star puppy


She also is a professional member of these dog training organizations.

Association of
Pet Dog Trainers

Association of Pet Dog Trainers


International Association of Canine Professionals

IACP dog trainer




puppy dog potty trainer

So many other sites about puppy or dog potty training don't let you know who writes them. I want you to be comfortable about me so we can work together. My name is Caryl Wolff (my real birth name -- honest!), and presently I'm a dog trainer/behavior consultant and have been for over 20 years. I've worked with thousands of dogs, and I'm the only trainer worldwide who is certified or endorsed by these five dog trainer organizations -- the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, the International Association of Dog Behavior Consultants, the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, and American Kennel Club Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Phew! That's a lot of titles.......

I have attended numerous dog training seminars and conferences (listed below) as well as read hundreds of books, thousands of magazines, and participated in dozens of Internet discussion groups along with viewing countless videos about dogs, behavior, and training. Why does that help you? Because even though I specialize in puppies and potty training, I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and can also help you with issues other than dog or puppy potty training! Besides that, you know that the information you receive comes from someone -- me! -- who has a well-rounded background both in how dogs think and actual experience in working with dogs, which gives me a leg up (sorry for the pun, but I couldn't resist), so you will receive the most comprehensive methods possible.

I've also written six books, the latest being Puppy Dog Potty Training, which I really enjoyed writing. It's an informative and funny book that will help you potty train your dog. Here's the Table of Contents:

The Preface - Happiness is a Trained Puppy.
What is Potty Training? - Potty training in two sentences – one sentence is short; the other long.
Who is the Expert?

Chapter 1 - What is The Expert’s Guide to Puppy Potty Training FAST?

Chapter 2 - The Prep - No Secrets Here – Preparation is the Key to Success.

Chapter 3 - The Place - Peter Piper Picked a Pee Spot

Chapter 4 - The Products - A Bigger Bang for Your Buck
Puppy pee pads
Newspapers aka paper training
Puppy Potties – There are three types:
Confinement Products – There are several confinement options:
Miscellaneous products

Chapter 5 - The Preliminaries - First Things First
Training Your Puppy Indoors
Xpen training – The Traditional Training
Training without a Crate or Xpen

Chapter 6 - The Program of Potty Training - The (Step-by-Step) Process of Elimination

Chapter 7 - A quick summary of how to house train your dog –
Here are some times when he has to go
Having a Potty Area both Inside and Outside
Transitioning to Outside

Chapter 8 - My Preferred Program - Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star

Chapter 9 - The Picking Up and The Cleaning Up - I Stink; Therefore, I Am

Chapter 10 - The Provisions: Feeding - You Are What You Eat.

Chapter 11 - The Pointers- I'm Beginning to See the Light.

Chapter 12 - How long does it take? - Stages of Housebrokenness

Chapter 13 - The Problems - Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities.
Dealing with Accidents
Other Problems

Chapter 14 - The Payoff: Triumph - Happy Days Are Here Again!

The Resources – The (not-so-bitter) End



Owner/trainer Doggie Manners

Private lessons and consultations throughout the Los Angeles area

*Consultant to Green Dog Potty Boxes (2009-present)

*Classes at Westwood Park (2005-present)

*Classes at Katie's Pet Depot (1995-2005)

*Classes at Doggie in the Window (Long Beach, 2000-2004)

*Classes at Central Bark (West Los Angeles, 2000-2001)

*Classes at Pet Orphans (Van Nuys, 2000)

*Classes at The Kennel Club (1997-1999), obedience and agility

Movies, films, commercials, TV, operas, plays, & magazines supplying animals personally and also working with various animal rental agencies (1990-present)

Teaching trick training classes

*Westwood Park (West Los Angeles, 2007-present)

*Urban Dog  (West Los Angeles, 1998)

*Doggie Central (Culver City, 1998/99)




I have had to pass rigorous examinations and have the requisite education and experience to become certified in these organizations.


(October 2009) (The AKC is much more than a breed registry -- it provides educational events, competitions such as agility and conformation, interacts with the veterinary community and governmental entities, and certifies evaluators to test for the Canine Good Citizen test.)


(July 2004) (I am one of 135 trainers worldwide to be a CDBC.)


(April 2003)   (There are approximately 425 NADOI members in this organization.)


(November 2002)    (I am pleased to announce that I am one of the first 500 dog trainers worldwide to have passed the CPDT exam.) 

I am very proud to be the ONLY TRAINER worldwide to hold all five certifications.




Conferences and seminars given by animal behaviorists, internationally acclaimed dog trainers, and ethologists including:    

Roger Abrantes

*Dogs and Humans Speaking a New Language, (July 1999)
*The Horse, Our Friend, Roger Abrantes (July 1999)   

Sue Ailsby 

*Dog Anatomy and Performance (February 2000)
*A Mind to Mind Clicker Training Seminar (February 2000)

Association of Pet Dog Trainers 

*San Diego (2000 Convention)
*Memphis (1997 Convention)

Biting Dog Conference

*(October 2005)

Brenda Aloff

*Dog Aggression (April 2004)

Bob Bailey

*Behavior Analysis * Animal Training (March 2006)

Marian Bailey, Ph.D and Bob Bailey

*Clicking Chicken Seminar (March 1999)

Maryjean Ballner

*Massage for Dogs (February 2002)

Allan Bauman

*Instructor's Workshop (February 1998)

Peter Borchelt, Ph.D. 

*Dog Aggression and Working with Aggressive Dogs  (April 2001)

California Veterinary Conference

*Anaheim (June 2007)

Clicker Expo

*Los Angeles (January 2007)
*San Diego (January 2005)

Shirley Chong

*Dog-Dog Behavior (February 2004)

Ray Coppinger

*Intelligence of Dogs and Canine Cognition: Ethological Lessons on the Emotions and Neurophysiology of Dogs
* Evolutionary Development and the Natural Development of Dogs (July 2007)

Jean Donaldson, Ph.D. 

*Cutting Edge Dog Training (January 1997)

Donna Duford

*Instructor's Workshop, (September 2002)

Ian Dunbar, Ph.D., DVM

*Canine Social Behavior
* Reliability Testing & Games (May 2005)
*Humane Behavior & Training Program for Shelter Personnel
Prevention & Treatment of Common Canine Behavior Problems
* Fun & Games Dog Training (October 1996)

Jim and Jamie Dutcher

*Wolves at our Door (November 2002)

John Fisher 

*A New Perspective on Dominance (March 1995)

Carol Gurney 

*Animal Communication (1994)

Maureen Hall

* Animal Behavior and Training (December 2007)

Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., and Daniel Estep, Ph.D.

* Managing the Home Alone Dog -- Separation Anxiety (January 2008)

Ella Hoseltyn

*Agility Training (March 1998 - July 2000)

Humane Society of the United States

*2000 Convention (February 2000)

Wayne Hunthausen

*Fears & Phobias, Compulsive Disorders, Aggression, and Medical Causes of House Soiling (February 1998)

Kennel and Groom Expo

*(February 2001)

Trish King

*The Different Faces of Aggression
* Helping the Fearful Dog (April 2007)

Frank Lavac, DVM 

*First Aid for Animals (March 1999)

Pat Miller

*Dog Body Language
Play Behaviors (February 2005)

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

*Wolf to Dog Symposium (November 2002)

Pet Tech 

*First Aid and CPR for Dogs (1998)

Pamela Reid, Ph.D.

*Excelerated Learning (July 1997)

John Rogerson 

*Instructor's Course (May 2003)
*Canine Aggression (May 2003)
*Teaching and Training
Advanced Training (April 2002)
*Separation Anxiety
*Fears and Phobias (October 2001)
*Working with Aggressive Dogs (May 2001)
*Scenting and Search Work (April 2001)
*Rescue and Rehoming Workshop (May 2000)
*Advanced Dog Training
Fun and Games with Dogs
Preparation for Working Dogs Trials (November 1999)
*Canine Behavior Workshop (April 1999)

Kathy Sdao

*Does the name Pavlov Ring a Bell? (April 2005)
*The Science and Art of Clicker Training (June 2004)

Pia Silvani

*Petite Pals (March 2007)
*Canine Aggression
Sibling Rivalry
Puppy classes
Canine Play Behavior (June 2005)

Cheryl Smith 

*Dog to Dog Aggression
Dog to People Aggression (April 1997)

Desiree Snelleman

*Stretching for Both Ends of the Leash (August 2004)

Sue Sternberg 

*The Controversial Pit Bull & Temperament Testing for Shelter Dogs (October 2000)
*Animal Behavior and Effective Adoptions (February 2000)
*Temperament Evaluations of Shelter Dogs, Handling Skills for Difficult and Aggressive Dogs (March 1998)

Dan Tambourine 

*Difficult Dog Training Class (May 1999)

Wendy Volhard 

*Holistic Approach to Solving Problem Behaviors
Nutrition  (February 2001)
*Dog Training Seminar (July 1996)

Emily Weiss, Ph.D.

*SAFER Animal Assessment (December 2004)

Steve White

*Wired, Fired, and On Task: Positive Secrets of Canine Motivation and Reliability
Transforming Your Training the Police K9 Way (March 2007)
*The Nose Knows (December 2008)

Gary Wilkes

*Rescue and Rehabilitation Workshop for Shelter Dogs, (September 2002)

Nicole Wilde

*The Energy Effect (August 2009)
*The Different Faces of Aggression
Helping the Fearful Dog (April 2007)

Christine Zink, DVM, Ph.D.

*Coaching the Canine Athlete (September 1995)



Speaking Engagements


*Rotary Club (August 1999)

*Equestrian Trails International (June 1999)

*West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club (September 1998)

*Bearded Collie Club (May 1998)



Magazine, Books, and Internet Publications



Puppy POtty Training - the expert's guide to easy housetraining fast

Caryl Wolff

Magazine Covers

*Off-lead (October 1995, September 2001)
*Good Dog (December 1998)


*Paws 'n Tales (1996/97)
* Dog Days in L.A. (2006-2009)
*LA Tails Pet Magazine (2008)
*Pawprint Magazine (2007, 2008)


*The Pet Press (2000, 2002, 2003, 2006)
*The Pug Press (2000)


*Pooch Heaven online behavior consultant (2002-present)



Performances, Training & Handling,
and Interviews


*Teaching a Dog to Swim & Pool Safety,” Channel 2 News (August 2005)

*Teaching a Dog to Swim & Pool Safety,”Channel 9 News (May 2005)

*"Animals and Us," radio, weekly training segment (December 2000-2002)

*"All about Pets," KRLA, radio interview (October 2000)

*Rag Dog catalogue and Web site (October 2000)

*Agility Segment, Channel 2 News, television (March 1998)

*"Wizard of Oz," theater (June 1996)

*"Camelot,"  theater (June 1996)

*"The Home Show,"  television (June 1996)

*KTLA News, television (October 1995)

*Los Angeles Zoo, charity event (December 1995)

*7-Up, commercial (March 1996)

*"A Home for Buddy," TV movie (April 1994)

*"Abracadabra,"  film (May 1993)

*"Albert Herring," Los Angeles Music Center Opera (1993)

*Bob Hope Special on Animals, television (1991)

*"Girl of the Golden West," Los Angeles Music Center Opera (June 1991)

*"AM Los Angeles," television (May 1991)

*American Red Cross Circus Night, charity event (March 1991)

*"Pete & Magic,"  film (March 1990)

*"Annie," theater (December 1989)

*Pet Department, store opening (December 1988)



Memberships (past and present)


* Animal Behavior Resources Institute

*American Dog Owners Association

*American Kennel Club

*Association of Pet Dog Trainers

*Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers

*Dog Trainers Forum of Orange County

*Dog Trainers Forum of Los Angeles

*International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

*International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior

*National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

*West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club

*West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

*West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce



Volunteer Organizations
(past and present)


*Archer Foundation 


*Perfect Pet Adoptions

*Pet Orphans

*Pooch Heaven     



Photo by Bill Alexander


Here is a partial list of some of the cities we service: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix , Philadelphia, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Detroit, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Austin , Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Memphis, Baltimore, El Paso, Boston, Milwaukee, Denver, Seattle, Nashville, District of Columbia, Las Vegas, Portland, Louisville. Oklahoma City, Tucson, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Mesa, Kansas City, Omaha, Cleveland, Virginia Beach, Miami, Oakland, Raleigh, Tulsa, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Honolulu, Arlington, Wichita, St. Louis, Tampa, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Cincinnati, Bakersfield, Aurora, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Riverside, Toledo, Stockton, Corpus Christi, Lexington, St. Paul, Anchorage, Newark, Buffalo, Plano, Henderson, Lincoln, Glendale, Greensboro, Chandler, St. Petersburg, Norfolk, Madison, Orlando, Birmingham, Baton Rouge, Durham, Laredo, Lubbock, Chesapeake, Chula Vista, Garland, Winston-Salem, North Las Vegas, Hialeah, Arlington, Irvine, Rochester, Boise

And these states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota,Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming